We believe that the streets are free. Free and alive. Alive and vibrating. Vibrating and multicultural. 

Being free doesn't mean that there are no rules. Street rules are different from those of the Law, though, and aren't enforced by bureaucracies or oppression, but by humility and respect. 

We believe that street art can be an important channel to manifest inquietudes, dissatisfactions, love, and protest.

Streets are full of those manifestations and people connect with it, sometimes to the point of wanting to preserve it from the tests of time.

Sometimes people want to bring these arts to their homes, or to their loved ones as reminders of a moment, a place, of an idea so vibrant that it shouldn't be erased.

Because of our belief in that strength that street art has, we've created an incentive for those street artists to keep presenting us with their opinions in the form of graffiti, murals, tags, installations, posters, bombs and stickers.

We know it's expensive to intervene on streets and that's why we developed the platform Protagonista, which pays royalties to street artists whose arts get printed by us.

Printing a graffiti or mural doesn't domesticate it nor decontextualize it, but allows a secondary appropriation of the public space; the first made by the artist, the second, carried out by the citizen who accepts the artist's work and who celebrate the altered public space.

Protagonista allows the transgression of the transgression ..