What is the Protagonista platform?

We are an a fine art printing service focused on street art and we share the ther profits with the artists whose arts have been printed by us. We are also an arts gallery specialized in street art.

Our broader mission is to promote, map and conserve street art.

How do you know who the artists are?

First we ask the person who made photo. We also check for any identidication left by the artist. If that doesn´t work, we'll ask openly at our social networks. If none of that works, we will try Google Images [it already worked a few times]. But if all attempts to find the artist fail, we will donate the respective profits share to non profit organizations which use street art to empower their communities. 

I´m a street artist and I don´t want my art to be printed by you. How do you handle that?


We only sell arts with the expressed consent of the respective artists.

I paint on streets and I don´t want to keep any profits from it? How do you handle that?

Unclaimed profits will be donated non profit organizations which use street art to empower their communities.

Can I indicate a non profit organization to receive my share?

Yes you can. 

How much do you keep from sales?

We keep 25%


Do have a physical store?

We don´t, but we try to have a presence at physical events. Do you run one?